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Pallet Strapping And Banding Kits

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Pallet Strapping And Banding Kits

Great value cost effective complete pallet strapping and banding kits replenishable with strapping and seal's to keep on going

With our great value complete pallet and box banding kits there are many options to suit every budget, the one thing that they have in common is that they are replenishable making them a solid investment that can be used for years to come. Here at Get Me Packaging we have polypropylene, extruded polyester, ribbon wound steel banding kits and also stainless steel kits available meaning you can start using these great pallet banding kits from the box.

And remember that if you run out of polypropylene banding rolls, the steel strapping seal or the stainless steel winged buckles then you can top them up at Get Me Packaging. Even if a strapping tool is dropped, lost or broken all is not lost as they can all be replaced by looking at our pallet strapping tool section, our Polypropylene strapping kits are normally used in light and medium duty applications with break strain on the strapping available up to 300kg. This strapping is applied using hand tools and secured with steel banding seals in various lengths.Our complete kits are provided with everything you need to get started when strapping and banding your loads straight from the box, we even have kits that are ideal to carry in the van for occasional use away from base on site. These pallet banding kits are similar to the ones provided by screwfix, amazon and other leading suppliers of pallet strapping and banding equipment.

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