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Barrier And Floor Marking Tapes

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Barrier And Floor Marking Tapes

Marcwell heavy duty adhesive vinyl floor marking tape and area identification tape

The tough Marcwell floor marking system is a very easy way of marking floors in warehouses, storerooms and other areas where a segregation or hazard awareness needs to be implemented to increase safety and improve floor usage.

This extra strong tape has a fantastic adhesion and ensures that once your lanes, walkways or other areas have been defined, they stay in place. Marcwell tape has been designed solely for this purpose so you can be assured that it is up to the job and resilient enough to cope with not only the foot traffic but also forklift trucks and pallet trucks running over the tape. Floor marking tapes are far less messy to apply than the painted equivalent and should the need arise to change the layout, then this is far quicker and easier than if you had used a floor paint system.

These ultra sticky area marking tapes bond securely to most flooring surfaces, all you have to do is make sure that they are clean and dust free before applying.

Polythene Non-Adhesive Traspal Barrier And Cordon Tapes

High-quality 30-micron tapes made from polyethylene to reduce snapping when marking or cordoning off areas for safety and when planned works are taking place. These tapes are ideal for workplaces and warehouse and can be used to alert staff members and members of the public that hazards will be present beyond the area marked off with these cordon and barrier tapes.These Transpal tapes are available in red and white plus black and yellow with 500m of the highly visible tape per roll, using these hazard warning tapes helps you stay safe on the right side of your health and safety obligations


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