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Mono And Crossweave Tape

Here is some more information about Mono And Crossweave Tape

Mono And Crossweave Tape

Extra strong glass fibre crossweave and monoweave reinforced packaging tapes waterproof and tear resistant high tack adhesive

Being so strong this crossweave tape is fantastic for bundling items together as it has such a high tack adhesive on the back of its filament reinforced structure, this tape is so strong it needs to be cut with a very sharp knive and can not be torn by hand so is very very puncture resistant and ideal for application that need a tough packaging tape.The Cross-weave tape that Get Me Packaging supplies is made up of fibre reinforcements that not only run across the tape but are also present for the entire length of it which is how it gets its ability to not tear split or rip.


We also have a range of Monoweave tape that has the same fibre fillament running just the length of the tape but with the same high tack long lasting adhesive. Our Monoweave is available in 25 mm and 50 mm wide rolls and like our cross weave reinforced filament tape each one conatsin 50 m of high tack high strength puncture and tear resistant tape for applications that demand an extra strong extra sticky self adhesive packaging tape that will be resistant to moisture and variations in temprature and humidity.

Having such a strong adhesive also allows these reinforced tape to deal with great variations in temperature and humidity. We would say that this extra strong packaging tapes is simply the strongest and most adhesive on the market.


Please call us on 01246 488 998 about Cross And Monoweave tapes if you do not see the quantity you require


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