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Extra Large Tape Rolls

Here is some more information about Extra Large Tape Rolls

Extra Large Tape Rolls

Longer rolls of packaging tape for box and parcel sealing

With a move recently to longer rolls of self-adhesive packaging tape, it is important that you get the right price whilst still ensuring quality. With our standard 150m long rolls of tape, we are sure we have sourced you one of the most cost effective box taping solutions you will find in the UK.

Moving over to larger diameter rolls of packaging tape, not only saves on time when changing rolls due to there being nearly 2.5 times the amount of sealing tape per roll, but it will also save you space when storing in your warehouse or packing area. This helps ensure smooth running and keeps your packaging operation efficient.

These tapes are available in both buff or clear and have instant bonding to the cardboard or paper surface, making it ideal for sealing in a high volume fast-paced warehouse or packaging operation.

If you would like to view our standard rolls of packaging tape then please click Here where you will find standard 66m long rolls that you can use with our standard packaging tape dispensers. These UMax tapes can make a great alternative to Bonus Tape which has slightly more tape at 200m on each small core tape roll.

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