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Optimax Hacona Proseal Heat Sealers

Buy Optimax Hacona Proseal Heat Sealers Online

Here is some more information about Optimax Hacona Proseal Heat Sealers

Optimax Hacona Proseal Heat Sealers

Optimax Hacona Proseal Impulse Heat Sealers

Great quality heat sealers under the Optimax brand made in Europe by Hancona, these orange body c type heat sealers really set the standard when it comes to quality. The wide product range ensures you can get the right heat sealer for the job every machine in the range employs the same technology when it comes to impulse heat sealing. With the bar guiding system even the longer heat sealers close with accuracy and stability ensuring even pressure along the length of the seal. With the sealer body being made from an ultra strong magnesium alloy this ensures a flat surface for the impulse heat sealing wire which again ensures a reliable seal and a quick seal cool due to the specially designed case with cooling fins inside the main frame. All the C-type sealers work with a 2.5 mm element to give a dependable heat seal right across its entire length. Every sealer also benefits from an integral safety cutter to enable trimming of any unsightly bag waste after the point of the seal, this also brings uniformity to your bag sealing operation.

Just like with our Miniapck Torre shrink wrapping equipment when you buy one of the Proseal by Optimax sealer you really are buying one of the best quality machines on the market.



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