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Pacplus PD222T Bag Neck Tape Sealing Machine

Pacplus PD222T Bag Neck Tape Sealing Machine

Product Code: PD222T
Availability: In Stock

Price: £13.95 Ex. VAT

buy Pacplus PD222T Bag Neck Tape Sealing Machine online

Packplus PD222T bag neck tape sealing machine for 9 and 12mm wide tapes

A fantastic bag neck tape dispenser for sealing with 9-12mm tapes and the top choice of the bakeries, greengrocers and butchers.  These machines are ideal for taping bags at the point of sale or behind the counter as they are compact and quick to use. With a full metal frame construction that has holes in the base, it is very easy to fix to the counter top ready to use as and when required. If you need to trim the waste bag material from the neck of the sealed bag then look no further that this Pacplus PD222T bag sealing machine which is our most popular due to its trimming blade and competitive price.

  • Can use 9 or 12mm tape
  • 7mm wide throat 
  • Spare blades available for trim cutter
  • Can be fixed to a bench or counter

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