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Darnel P3 Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film

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Here is some more information about Darnel P3 Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film

Darnel P3 Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film

Darnel P3 Polyolefin Centre Folded Heat Shrink Wrapping Film

With our Danel P3 polyolefin shrink wrapping film you get a very clear and strong multipurpose shrink wrap film that will run not only on manual shrink wrapping equipment such as l sealers with heat shrink tunnels and the chamber shrink wrapping machines from Minipack Torre and Optimax but will work with the more automated shrink packing equipment such as the Pratika from Minipack Torre which is a fully automatic l sealer. Polyolefin shrink films do require a little more heat than the standard PVC films available but can have higher clarity, stronger heat seals and is better suited for lower temperatures such as cold stores and freezers.

When heat sealing polyolefin shrink films they do not produce as much debris and take less cleaning of the sealing blade, giving reduced downtime and also lower service costs. Also polyolefin produces fewer fumes in the sealing process when compared to PVC shrink wrapper film. Polyolefin is seen as the more friendly film towards both operator and the environment as it is also fully recyclable. 

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