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Buy Tegralert Transit Monitoring And Security Tape Online

Here is some more information about Tegralert Transit Monitoring And Security Tape

Tegralert Transit Monitoring And Security Tape

Transit monitoring devices and high security packaging tape

Some great labels and devices to ensure your packaged goods arrive in one piece and are handled correctly whilst being shipped by courier as a pallet by air, land or sea. We have the innovative drop and tell labels, shock watch, tilt watch and cones that prevent your goods being double stacked and causing possible crush damage. When it comes to theft prevention and a way of indication that your customer's box or carton has not been opened in transit then the Tegracheck labels and tapes make an ideal solution.

These high-security tapes give a rapid indication of theft and possible product contamination. The label version of Tegracheck is an ideal way to security seal many things from tools boxes to boxes containing spare parts or high-value items within your own production and warehouse facility.


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