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Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping Kits

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Here is some more information about Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping Kits

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping Kits

Full steel strapping and banding kits in 13 16 and19 mm with ribbon wound coils

As with our polypropylene strapping and banding kits our steel band kits come with all the banding (13, 16 and 19 mm) which is ribbon wound the dispenser and all the steel banding tools you need to start,we even include and steel banding cutter which in some steel strapping kits you will see do not have. Again all the parts such as the strapping, steel banding seals and tools are available separate so these kits will go on and on. As our website grows you will be able to buy the coils and rolls of steel strapping and banding online or by contacting Get Me Packaging directly on 01246 488 998.

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