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Here is some more information about Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Rolls

Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Rolls

Standard and reinforced water activated gummed paper tapes for secure carton sealing

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and very strong carton sealing solution, then it may be worth looking at our water activated paper tape which is often call gummed paper tapes due to the water activated adhesive that is applied as gummed inside or outside. Gummed paper tapes are the only box and carton sealing tapes available that are 100% recyclable and can even be recycled through one of our cardboard box shredding machines that produce an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap etc for void filling in boxes.

Standard gummed paper tapes for carton sealing very simple to use with the adhesive being activated easily through one of our tape water baths or through a gummed paper tape dispenser that will activate, measure and then dispense a fixed length ready for application to the carton being sealed and closed. The strength of the bond makes this type of tape ideal for exporting goods because of their high tolerance to variations in temperature and humidity.

Once the tape is applied to the box or carton, then any attempt to remove the tape will result in clear damage to the carton. For extra security, we can supply reinforced paper tapes which provide are great for boxes and cartons that may be holding a little more weight. With reinforced gummed paper tapes having cross-woven filaments to give additional strength and with the water based adhesive penetrating into the fibres of the cardboard carton giving a fantastic bond, making the tape an integral part of the box creates a strong bond and becomes part of the box structure. These gummed paper tapes are also for hobby crafts use and it is used for picture framing so why not call us and ask about split smaller packs of the versatile hobby and craft paper tape.

For ease of application when using the non-reinforced tapes then on of our gummed paper tape dispensers will do the job for you, if you are using our reinforced gummed paper kraft tapes the these must be used with our reinforced gummed paper tape dispensers as the have the ability to cut and dispense just the right amount of water onto the tape.

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