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Silica Gel Moisture Absorbent Sachets

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Here is some more information about Silica Gel Moisture Absorbent Sachets

Silica Gel Moisture Absorbent Sachets

Moisture Absorbent Silica Gel Sachets

Silica gel sachets provide a cost effective way of reducing and absorbing moisture when shipping sensitive items or storing items that are best-kept moisture free. All our silica gel moisture absorbing sachets are filled with beaded silica desiccant in weights from 1g to 500g.  The sodium silicate used to produce our moisture absorbing hand sachets has a typical absorption of around 25% (taken against the weight) at 25°C with humidity of 50 %.
We would recommend 5g of the silica absorbent gel sachets per cubic foot and it is highly recommended that the primary packaging is as air tight as possible. All our gel sachets will help not only control and reduce moisture they will also help keep down moisture related problems such as fungal growth and corrosion.

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