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Standard Packaging Tape

Here is some more information about Standard Packaging Tape

Standard Packaging Tape

Making the right choice with self-adhesive brown and clear packaging and box sealing tapes

With the huge choice of 66m roll packaging tapes with a 75mm inner core and getting the right one can often be a difficult process. We have tried to simplify this with our product range to try and help you through this process. We have simple budget tapes that perhaps are not so good at lower temperatures through to tapes with a very strong high tack solvent adhesive that works great between around -20°C to +50°C and tapes that sit in between. We supply quality tape from Manuli meaning we are confident in the quality of the packaging tapes we supply.

Packaging tapes are identified by the following properties:

The Carrier – Polypropylene or PVC, this is the backing material of the tape. PVC is hand-tearable and a premium backing, whereas polypropylene requires a dispenser and is more commonly used for general purpose.The Adhesive – Acrylic, Hotmelt, or Solvent, this is the part that makes it stick! Certain adhesives are better for certain atmospheres or temperatures.

Adhesive – Hotmelt (operating temperature+5°C to +50°C) 

Adhesive – Solvent (operating temperature-20°C to +50°C)

Adhesive – Acrylic (operating temperature+15°C to +65°C)

The Core Size – Most tapes come on a 76mm core, however, 150m long tapes come on a 38mm core – to save costs and reduce environmental impact for the38 mm core tapes we have dispensers a selection available.

As with most packaging tapes, Manuli tapes are available in standard sizes and also in machine size rolls.Manuli have over 40 years experience in the production of adhesive tapes.They produce box and carton sealing tape in widths of 38mm, 48mm and 75mm with lengths of 66m, 132m and 990m as used with case taping machinery.

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