Our cardboard shredders are machines that are used to shred and recycle cardboard and other types of paper-based packaging materials. These shredders are commonly used in packaging and distribution centres, as well as in recycling facilities.

There are several types of cardboard shredders available, including cross-cut shredders and strip-cut shredders. Cross-cut shredders cut cardboard into small, square pieces, while strip-cut shredders cut cardboard into thin strips. Some cardboard shredders are designed for use with other types of materials, such as plastic or metal, and may be able to shred these materials as well.

Cardboard shredders are used for several reasons, including reducing the volume of cardboard waste, making it easier to transport and store, and providing a source of raw material for the production of new cardboard products. They are an important tool for reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials and promoting sustainability in the packaging industry.