Heat Shrink Wrapping Machines

Bringing speed, hygiene, energy saving and much more to your packaging operations.

With our select network of principle suppliers we can provide a service specific to your requirements, catering for many industries such as food, retail supermarkets, industrial, textile, printing and more.

Our range includes, manually operated Chamber Machine, semi-automatic L-Sealing and Bagging Machines and heat Shrink Tunnels


Chamber Machines

Our chamber machines offer...

• Options of Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic

• Output speeds of up to 650 packs per hour

• Portability - all machines ave castors as standard (excluding Minima)

• Capable of using both PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrapping films

• High performance heaters

• One step chamber machines - easy to operate

• Improves speed and quality of finished products both for transit and display

• Quicker and better result than manual machines

• Energy efficient 

Our Most Popular Chamber Machines

Replay 55 EVO Manual Chamber Machine

FM76A Semi-Auto Chamber Machine

RP85 Manual Chamber Machine 

L Sealing and Bagging Machines

Our L-Sealing and Bagging Machines offer...

Our range of L sealing machinery produced by minipack®-torre have been perfected through years of expertise, leading them to be the priority choice of L sealing machines for many laundries, bakeries and other industries all over the UK and Europe. Our semi automatic and fully automatic L Sealing Machines come with many excellent features and produce a consistent seal quality time after time

  • Easy to use with increased productivity over manual L Sealers and chamber machines 
  • Packing speeds dependent on versions available 
  • Simplicity of use, both in terms of operation and of set-up 
  • Superb flexibility to wrap a wide range of products, shapes and size
  • Reduces operator fatigue 
  • Increased reliability with less down time 
  • Can use a variety of shrink and non shrink films 
  • Easy to integrate with a shrink tunnel 

Our Most Popular L-Sealing Machines

Modular 50S Semi-Auto L-Sealing Machine

Pratika Automatic L Sealing Machine

Pratika Automatic L Sealing Machine

Heat Shrink Tunnels

Our range of Minipack®-Torre heat shrink tunnels include:

Single Chamber:

• Single chamber heat shrink wrapping tunnels - ideal for the semi automatic L sealers with lower volumes and speeds• Two single heat shrink tunnel size formats currently in our range

• Tunnel 50 is available in a standard painted RAL finish - a hard wearing Steel It paint finish and also fully stainless steel construction

• Largest heat shrink wrapping tunnel in the range is the Tunnel 70 - available in standard RAL painted finish - ideal for the larger format L Sealing machines

Double Chamber:

• Twin chamber heat tunnels - can even be coupled with any of our flow wrapping machines and machines from Record packaging spa and Ulma etc

• Range of twin chamber heat shrink tunnels we offer are capable of attaining much higher speeds

• Two double heat shrink tunnels currently in our range.

• Tunnel 50 Twin - available in a standard RAL painted finish and it is also available fully constructed in stainless steel for food and medical packaging

• For demanding high speed application we have the Tunnel 50 GT Twin

Our Most Popular Heat Shrink Tunnels

Tunnel 50 Heat Shrink Tunnel

Tunnel 50 TWIN Heat Shrink Tunnel