Strapping & Banding

Get Me Packaging supply a whole range of strapping machinery from Siat friction weld strapping tools, semi-automatic strapping machines along with the rolls and reels of strapping in extruded polyester, woven cord and also polypropylene all used for strapping pallets and unsecure loads.

Our Siat friction weld strapping tools come with a return to base service package and can go a long way to improving the way you strap and band pallets etc as well as improving stability whilst in transit.

       Hand Strapping

 Including PP, PET, Woven PET, Steel and Stainless
 Steel Reels, Rolls, Tools, Seals and Buckles

      Strapping Machinery

Friction Weld Tools, Semi-Auto Strapping 
Machines and Machine Strapping

      Friction Weld Tools

Friction Weld Tools for PP and PET Strapping