Pallet Wrapping Machines

Our turntable pallet stretch wrapping machines by Italian manufacturer Siat ensure we can offer pallet wrapping solutions to fit every budget.

We offer semi-automatic and fully-automatic turntable pallet wrapping machines useful in higher volume warehouse and production environments. This range includes more advanced and automated turntable stretch wrappers programmed to perform more complex wrapping patterns, with greater film coverage at more vulnerable levels and extra wraps around the top or bottom, as well as mobile pallet wrappers and robot wrappers - a firm favourite with both health and safety and operators alike.

Siat Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Our One Wrap pallet wrapping machines offer...

Safety First: One Wrap incorporates several safety features as standard

No film waste: With motorised Pre-Stretch system & independent tension control

Increased production capacity: Thanks to its customized settings and 5 different operating modes

Strong construction: 2,4T load capacity for less effort in maintenance and flat operating cost

Flexibility: the machines are easy to move with forklift (also after installation)

User Friendly : Designed with a sleek and modern control panel with understandable icons. OneWrap can be programmed with 10 different programs, allowing consistent wrapping cycle for a given product.

Versatility: Proven within logistics, pharmaceutical, food & drink and e-commerce environments

Our semi-automatic turntable pallet wrapping machines are useful in higher volume environments. A fork lift or pallet truck is used to position the pallet on the turntable and the leading edge of the machine stretch film roll is manually attached to the pallet. As the turntable  rotates, the stretch film is released from the roll at a pre-selected speed to evenly secure the pallet. The tension and speed it pre-set to suit. The film carriage then follows the pre-set path, placing the film evenly from the top to the bottom of the pallet. The machine  is also available with a film power stretch carriage which pre-stretches the film as it is applied to the pallet, resulting in significant film usage reduction. Pre-stretched machine film should be used for this option.  The advantages of a turntable pallet wrapping machine system are consistent stretch wrapping results, faster processing in a busy environment and  reduced operator fatigue.

Our Most Popular Pallet Wrapping Machines

SIAT OneWrap L-16-M Semi-Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine

SIAT OneWrap L-16-LP Semi-Auto Power Pre- Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine