Pallet wrapping, also known as stretch wrapping, is a process of securing and stabilizing items on a pallet using stretch film. Pallet wrapping is commonly used in the shipping and storage of goods to protect them from damage and to prevent them from shifting or falling off the pallet during transport.

There are several types of stretch film available for pallet wrapping, including hand wrap, machine wrap, and pre-stretched film. Hand wrap is a roll of film that is applied by hand using a dispenser or handle, and is suitable for small or irregularly shaped items. Machine wrap is applied using a stretch wrapping machine, which can wrap pallets more quickly and efficiently than hand wrap. Pre-stretched film is stretched before it is applied to the pallet, which allows it to stretch more during the wrapping process and provide a tighter and more secure seal.

Pallet wrapping is an important part of the shipping process, as it helps to ensure that goods are properly secured and protected during transport. It is important to choose the right type of stretch film and to follow proper wrapping techniques to ensure that the pallet is properly wrapped and stable.