ST Plastic Strapping Recycling Machine

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Medium Duty Pallet Strap Shredding Machine

When it comes to trip hazards and hard to dispose of packaging then nothing quite lives up to the reputation of pallet strapping and band !. With a mind of its own when the strapping is removed from the pallet or box then it rapidly becomes a trip hazard and takes up more space than you can imagine.

With our innovative strapping shredder you remove the trip hazard and turn the unruly strapping in to easy to mange pieces making it easier to enter the recycling chain.

The ST Light effortlessly produces 16 mm long pieces from all common PET or PP strapping that is supplied onto the UK market. The strapping is drawn into the machine and the simply falls out the bottom in a 16 mm long chip, this can be directly into a box or bag.

Additional product information

  • Weight approx. 46 Kg
  • Feed Rate 17m/min
  • Cut Length 16 mm
  • Feed opening 8 x 30mm
  • Engine 
  • 0.75kW  3-phase
  • Lead Time 10-14 Days
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