Pallet straps made from both Polypropylene and Polyester can prove a big problem when companies want to recycle their packaging waste. One of the major draw backs with any strapping designed to secure goods in transit onto a pallet is that it expands when the tension around the pallet and the banding is cut.

The volume it takes up can be massive in relation to its material content, therefore starting the recycling at the first point in its journey into the recycling network makes perfect sense.

With our plastic strapping shredders you can reduce the space required and make the warehouse safer by removing trip hazards a win win on many fronts by 

  • Reducing storage space
  • Improving the work environment
  • Reducing waste disposal costs

Get Me Packaging have some great machines at competitive prices that will achieve all of the above why not visit or eco friendly offering Here you will find a great range of material and machines such as Cardboard Shredders that make packaging void fill from waste cardboard boxes.