Any company that takes in pallets or goods that are strapped and banded will recognize the problems that it cause when the PP or PET straps are cut and removed, they then take on a life of their own taking up space and also becoming a major trip hazard.

With a pallet strapping and banding shredder cutting either PP or PET strapping cutting into small lengths ranging from 16mm upwards it simply takes away the 2 most annoying and inconvenient aspects of this widely used and essential product used in the packaging world.

Any of our machines designed to chop and shred pallet banding will eliminate trip hazards completely and reduce employee injuries with a simple process. The banding or strapping is simply introduced into the machine and it is automatically pulled into the the pallet chopper arriving out of the base of the machine as a more manageable condensed chip/piece saving on storage space whilst making it easier to introduce into the recycling network..

Why not look at our entry level strap chopper over at Get Me Packaging here so you can see for yourself just how a simple pallet strapping chopper can improve safety and keep you warehouse clear of unruly pallet strapping and banding tapes.

Using a machine makes it easier to introduce either PET or PP banding into the circular economy helping you and your company make a great contribution to a greener more sustainable world.